Constructed between 1966 and 1970, anfos/haus is considered one of the most impressive examples of urban architecture from the period of Basel’s economic upswing in the 1960s. With an underground garage, fitness center, shopping mall, restaurant, offices and apartments, it was the first multifunctional building of its size in the city. The structure has also been included on the list for monument preservation.

The original design by architects Johannes Gass and Wilfried Boos follows rationalist principles oriented to the classical modernism of the 1920s that took root as a key tendency of postwar architecture. Its reductionist aesthetic imbues it with a timeless modernity and international flair.

In 2008, plans were initiated for a comprehensive refurbishment of the building that works closely with the existing materials and finishes to preserve the historic character. Overseen by sabarchitekten AG, the renovations should be completed in 2013.