On behalf of UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG, sabarchitekten AG charted out a bold masterplan to guide the project. The shopping areas and common spaces are being made brighter, airier and more inviting. The entrances are being widened, an expansive glass roof was designed for the inner court, and the passage on the 1st floor is being removed to bring in more natural light through the glass roof.

The building is being restructured with some retail shops converted into two-level duplex spaces. The living spaces on the 5th and 6th floors are being expanded to include a mix of units from standard flats to duplex apartments. Office spaces are located between the first and fourth level and can be reorganised and upgraded by the lease holder into three sections per floor that can be rented singly or in combination up to multi-floor occupancy.

The building shell is being refurbished and upgraded to bring it up to the latest energy standards and technical requirements while maintaining the characteristic materiality of the exterior facades and interior fronts. New uniform guidelines were also developed for enhanced signage and graphics applied throughout the building.